Consent for Circumcision of Babies and Children Under 16 2018-09-05T11:17:32-04:00

Consent for Circumcision of Babies and Children Under 16

Gentle Procedures North London expects that where there are two parents with legal responsibility for a child, they will both attend for the circumcision to give informed written consent.

Where only one parent has legal responsibility, they would be expected to attend.

In exceptional circumstances, if anyone with parental responsibility is not able to attend, the following 4 things must take place:

  1. The parent who is not attending must watch the parent counselling video here.
  2. They must request a copy of the consent form and sign it clearly, and this form must be brought to the appointment. A witness to confirm the identity of this parent should also sign the form.
  3. Proof of identity must be brought to the appointment by the other parent. This must include the signature to match that on the consent form. Copy of a passport or driving licence would be acceptable.
  4. The individual must be available for a telephone conversation with Dr Plaut either at the time of the appointment or to be arranged before the day of the appointment if more suitable.

Circumcision will not take place if the above criteria are not met, and the appointment will have to be rearranged

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